Hip Hop & Electronica

1/9/2010 Temposphere

bemSympathologicalem Mixb

1/8/2010 Radio Antilles
1/8/2010 Across The Board

Hour 3-5 of the 5 hour Bowie Birthday

1/6/2010 Echo Chamber

The first Echo Chamber of 2010…and what a mash up of sounds. From Likkle Mai, to Trumystic, from Joe Higgs, to Meditronica. But the centerpiece of tonight’s show was half-hour set featuring tracks from the new Joe Strummer tribute compilation Shatter the Hotel, as well as The Clash and the Mescaleros.

1/5/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Thank you, Lhasa, for giving us beautiful songs while you were here.

1/3/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC

Verbal Graffiti Guest Mix by Katrah Quey. ‘Goodbye 2009 Mix’ Part 1. Mix from Mally ‘How I Do’ to Full Crate ‘Make Me Laugh’.

1/2/2010 Strictly Butter
1/2/2010 RSE Radio
1/2/2010 Temposphere

Continental Op mix
with Brad Wrolstad

1/1/2010 Radio Antilles