Hip Hop & Electronica

3/20/2010 Temposphere

Bracket Buster Mix

3/19/2010 Radio Antilles
3/19/2010 Across The Board

All 80’s!!!

3/17/2010 Echo Chamber

The great dub and roots just keeps coming… Tonight we debuted new releases from General Smiley (of Michigan & Smiley) and McPullish, Madtone, Gaudi, Joseph Cotton & Lion Stepper, Uffe, Splitz Horns vs. Dr. Vax, Fatima, Gorillaz, and Echo Ranks & Vibronics.

3/16/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Gorillaz, Joan Jett, Happy Birthday, Orkestar Bez Ime, Ted Leo, Jelloslave, and the Morning Benders. Plus many other artists from around the world. Check out the playlist!

3/13/2010 Strictly Butter
3/13/2010 RSE Radio


3/13/2010 Temposphere
3/12/2010 Radio Antilles
3/12/2010 Across The Board

Going Deutsche

(What’s Hitler gonna do when these 24 inch pythons come for you?)