Hip Hop & Electronica

5/28/2010 Radio Antilles
5/28/2010 Across The Board

A Daisy Chain For Satan

5/26/2010 Echo Chamber

Mixing it up as usual in the Echo Chamber with tons of new stuff… The new releases included material from Ganga (on the Nootempo label); Dr. Echo & the Defendants; the Dubbhism projects Baldhead Voodoo Plan and D.E.A.D.; Richard & I; Citizen Sound; Chico Trujillo (on Barbes); Isiah Mentor (from the “Dennis Brown Tribute – V.2”); the Black Exorcist; and two selections from the “Revolutionary Dub Vibrations Chap. 2” compilation.

5/25/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Our guest this morning spoke about making machines out of traditional percussion instruments, then creating a glove he can use as a remote control for his mechanized musical ensemble. Keep up with Jazari at his web site: www.jazarimusic.com:http://www.jazarimusic.com. We also heard new Tracey Thorn, Rachid Taha, and The Very Best as they got ready to play the Cedar Cultural Center:http://www.thecedar.org that night.

5/23/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
5/22/2010 Strictly Butter
5/22/2010 RSE Radio


5/22/2010 Temposphere

Assaulting the Mascot Mix

5/21/2010 Radio Antilles
5/21/2010 Across The Board

The ambitions are…