Hip Hop & Electronica

7/10/2010 Strictly Butter
7/10/2010 RSE Radio
7/10/2010 Temposphere

Naked Brain Mix

7/9/2010 Radio Antilles
7/9/2010 Across The Board

ATB’s 3rd Birthday.

(How much Bowie & horror is that??)

7/7/2010-Click "Episode Details" to hear The Brandon Projekt on our FOREVER archives.

7/7/2010 Echo Chamber

Another eclectic summer show mixing up old and new. New releases from Uptown Rebel, DJ Delay, Manutension, Aram Scaram/Citizen Sound, ElectroDubCompany, Dub Engine, The Blackstarliners, and the Nikki O’Neill Band. Also, the new compilation “In the Garden of Dub” (on the Positive Vibes netlabel). On top of this we featured a special mix from Dubsalon from Argentina (originally aired on “Echo Beach” at WLUW-FM).