Hip Hop & Electronica

8/7/2010 RSE Radio
8/7/2010 Temposphere

DJ Musically Rich has officially (for this week) taken over the Temposphere archives…listen to both archived programs…if you dare!!!

8/6/2010 Radio Antilles
8/6/2010 Across The Board

Kings Of Vienna

8/4/2010Click "Episode Details" to hear Days of Rae on our FOREVER archives.


8/4/2010 Echo Chamber

Blowing the roof off the place tonight with brand new vinyl from Eric Blowtorch…along with U-Roy! Also, choice new dubs from the Basque Dub Foundation (BDF); a cool new track from Sista M (and DaVinci Sound); and part 2 of the “Gangsters, Vampires, Politicians, & Informers” Mix by Emch from Subatomic Sound System. Whew!

8/2/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks to Cliff Eberhardt:http://www.cliffeberhardt.net for the great conversation in the 11am hour! We heard from his latest album, 500 Miles . We also heard new music from Tom Jones (yep, lots of blues covers and gospel-y originals on his new album), The Roots by request, and Mountain Man. Again. Cuz I dig them.

8/2/2010 Fused Funk

It’s a Family Affair – celebrating songs about the family and family members.

8/1/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
7/31/2010 Strictly Butter