Hip Hop & Electronica

8/21/2010 RSE Radio


8/21/2010 Temposphere
8/20/2010 Radio Antilles
8/20/2010 Across The Board

Collectors Corner Double Shot

8/18/2010-Click "Episode Details" to hear The Goondas, Lady T and Bill Marshall on our FOREVER archives.

8/18/2010 Echo Chamber

Tonight we debuted the excellent new Blue King Brown double-CD “Worldwize Part 1: North & South”. Also brand new tonight: the very cool “Haffi Win” album from Ammoye + Rise Ashen. Rounding out the new music list were Eric Blowtorch, Nickodemus, Kris Naphtali, Lucy Woodward, The Soundheads, Uptown Rebel, and O. De Lanzac.

8/16/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

New music from Chief, Ruth Moody, and local group Tuesdays Robot this morning. We also heard Los Hombres Calientes in advance of their visit to Orchestra Hall, and Mahala Rai Banda in advance of their visit to the Cedar Cultural Center in September.

8/16/2010 Fused Funk
8/15/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
8/14/2010 Strictly Butter