Hip Hop & Electronica

10/17/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC

Guest host – MJ.

10/16/2010 Strictly Butter
10/16/2010 RSE Radio
10/16/2010 Temposphere
10/15/2010 Radio Antilles

Dale Loomer substitute host for Johnny D

10/15/2010 Across The Board

Genesis & Revelations

10/13/2010-Click "Episode Details" to hear RNT & Faces And Radio on our FOREVER archives.

10/13/2010 Echo Chamber

Another stream of conscious new dubwise music… Starting off with “Steve Steppa meets Samson Inna Brass Echo Chamber” (on Springline) and “Heart So Cold” from the Reggae Bubblers (on Yaba Pot). Added to this was the new single “United” from Sylford Walker and McPullish (on Charlie’s). Also excellent new music from Madtone, Victoria Moralez, Purdy, MrKnice, Missin Red, Gappy Ranks, The Orb (with David Gilmour), and Beats Antique. Finally…the “15 Years… on a Dubmission” compilation (on Dubmission).

10/11/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

New music this week from Pigeon John, Lucy Wainwright Roche, and gave away copies of the new collaboration between Isobell Campbell and Mark Lanegan, their second full-length project, Hawk. RIP Solomon Burke, although you were offered less spotlight than your contemporary James Brown, you burned brighter in many of our hearts.

10/11/2010 Fused Funk