Hip Hop & Electronica

6/26/2010 Temposphere

Early Goal mix
with Brad Wrolstad

6/25/2010 Radio Antilles
6/25/2010 Across The Board

Another Collectors Corner with Booty.

Can you say “drum and bass” boys & girls?

6/23/2010 Echo Chamber

What a worldwide, World Cup kind of program tonight! With 3 tracks connected to South Africa (including one by the legendary Hugh Masekela), along with Russia’s ElectroDubCompany, some Chinese Dub (courtesy of his Wobble-ness), and Fat Freddy’s Drop from Australia, it was a heavy trip around the planet.

6/22/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

MJ Gilmore filled in while I was in Chicago, and she played such a great mix of almost all new music! Codeine Velvet Club, Javelin, Jonsi…check out the playlist!

6/20/2010 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
6/19/2010 Strictly Butter
6/19/2010 RSE Radio


6/19/2010 Temposphere

For the Love of all that is electro-Righteous and techno-Funky, check out Mad Mike Disease in the tail-end of the show!

6/18/2010 Radio Antilles