Hip Hop & Electronica

After the half:  welcome to the Echo Chamber Dub Zoological Gardens! Running around free in our cavernous, reverbanaceous pens, you'll meet an Iguana, a Fat Mouse, two Bears, a Condor and an Eagle, a flying Monkey, a Fuzzy Mammoth, a Fat Panther, a Balmy Tiger…  OH, MY!! Wait, where'd our Lion go?  Oh, next week for that guy. Just don't miss The Widdler's Froggy! Oh, and is THAT a bacteria the size of a fish?  Or is it an actual salmon named Ella??

Quite a show tonight!  Brand new tunes from Gary "Nesta" Pine, Dubblestandart, Clinton Fearon, Max Romeo, Dubby Doo & Hugh Mundell Jr., and more! Plus David Asher of THE PROCESS did a live phone-in radio interview and sent us a special album mini-mix to air, and more PROCESS tunes were in the mix. And joining David, DJ Baby Swiss and I on the air, we had African Fireman and DJ Diamond One in the house too!  (Catch African Fireman, DJ Diamond One, Ru Bwoy O and more 9/9 @ Mama Africa in St. Paul!).