4/24/2013 Modern Kicks

Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Dirtnap; 2003
Big Star - Don't Lie to Me (Alt. Mix, 1972)
Album: Nothing Can Hurt Me: OST; Label: Omnivore; 2013
Superchunk - Void
Album: Void b/w Faith (7"); Label: Merge; 2013
Pujol - Postgrad
Album: Deep Cuts (7"); Label: Saddle Creek; 2013
Ty Segall - Cat Black
Album: Ty Rex 2 (7"); Label: Goner; 2013
Stephen Malkmus & Friends - I'm So Green
Album: Ege Bamyasi; Label: Matador; 2013
Thee Oh Sees - Candy Clock
Album: Moon Sick; Label: Castle Face; 2013
Super Wild Horses - Ono in a Space Bubble
Album: Crosswords; Label: Dot Dash; 2013
No Joy - E
Album: Wait to Pleasure; Label: Mexican Summer; 2013
Birdskulls - Rolling Tongue
Album: Mispresume/Rolling Tongue (7"); Label: Art is Hard; 2012
The Bicycles - Break This Hold
Album: Stop Thinking So Much; Label: Fuzzy Logic; 2013
Burnt Ones - Fountain of Youth
Album: You'll Never Walk Alone; Label: Burger; 2013
White Fence - Live on Genevieve
Album: Cyclops Reap; Label: Castle Face; 2013
The Eeries - You've Got the Moves
Album: Home Alone; Label: Evil Weevil; 2012
Tight Little Ship - Just the Ticket
Album: Boiled Egg EP; Label: Self-Released; 2012
Rainbow Gun Show - Cinderella Sizzle
Album: Cinderella Sizzle (7"); Label: Hozac; 2013
Lovely Bad Things - Gravel Dreamer
Album: The Late Great Whatever; Label: Volcom; 2013
Q and Not U - Soft Pyramids
Album: Different Damage; Label: Dischord; 2002
Bleached - Ride Your Heart
Album: Ride Your Heart; Label: Dead Oceans; 2013
Songs - Boy/Girl
Album: Malabar; Label: Self-Released; 2013
Dirty Fences - Meet Me at the Door
Album: Too High to Kross; Label: Volcom; 2013
Freezing Hands - You Must Believe Me
Album: Freezing Hands; Label: Burger; 2013
They Might Be Giants - Stand on Your Own Head
Album: Lincoln; Label: Bar/None; 1988
Friendship - Lifeguard
Album: Lifeguard (7"); Label: Too Pure; 2010
Fugazi - No Suprise
Album: End Hits; Label: Dischord; 1998
Tamaryn - The Garden
Album: Tender New Signs; Label: Mexican Summer; 2012
The Go - Can't Rely On It
Album: Fiesta; Label: Burger; 2013
Thee Marvin Gays - It's Easier to Be Dumb
Album: It's Easier to Be Dumb EP; Label: Kizmiaz; 2012
Jawbreaker - Boxcar
Album: 24 Hour Revenge Therapy; Label: Tupelo Recording Co; 1994
Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time
Album: Light Up Gold; Label: Dull Tools; 2013
Gross Relations - Shameless
Album: Gross Relations; Label: RSTB; 2012
Air Date: 
April 24, 2013