8/2/2013 The Minnesota Sound

Playlist Tracks: 
Surf Dawgs - Beat It
Album: Unleashed; Label: Surf Dawgs
Prince (the artist formerly known...) - the most beautiful girl in the world
Album: the gold experience; Label: Warner Brothers
Littlefoot - Cry For Your Love
Album: Mermanity; Label: s.r.
Gospel Gossip - Behind
Album: s/t; Label: Old Blackberry Way
Is/is - Pretty Girl
Album: this happening; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Dreamland Faces - Aquatics
Album: s/t; Label: s/r
Black Diet - You Did It To Yourself
Album: split 7"w/Southside Desire; Label: Pinata Records
Alas,Alas - Grips of Syruo
Album: s/t; Label: s/r
Sean Anonymous - Hands High
Album: s/t; Label: Wide Eyes
Low - Plastic Cup
Album: The Invisible Way; Label: Sub Pop
Cast of Thousands w/ Escape Mechanism - Untitled
Album: s/t; Label: Recombinations
Wet Splash (feat Kat Sway) - Sensuality
Album: Beat Oven (vol.1); Label: Exit Records
ID@Mager - Butter Part (No Cholesterol Mix)
Album: Beat Oven (vol.1); Label: Exit Records
Atmosphere and Eyedea - Revolution
Album: Live on LSD; Label: unreleased
Valet - Raincheck
Album: Live on LSD; Label: unreleased
The Plastic Constellations - You Are Not Chicago
Album: Live on LSD; Label: unreleased
Coup de Grace - Sad But True
Album: Red Decibel; Label: Twin Tone
Dragnet - Recycled Day
Album: Life In General; Label: Whittier
No Apparant Reason - One
Album: Sex Knocks Down The Door; Label: Crystal Vision Records
Curtis A - No Hair
Album: Courtesy; Label: Twin Tone
Otto's Chemical Lounge - Shine
Album: Spillover; Label: Homestead Records
Air Date: 
August 2, 2013

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