3/2/2012 The Minnesota Sound


Playlist Tracks: 
I Like You - Float and Flow
Album: Fall In Like; Label: s/r
Polica - Wandering Star
Album: Give Up The Ghost; Label: Totally Gross Nat'l Product
Manimal Quartet - unknown
Album: Meatbag 3 split; Label: After Music
ECID - I Love Gravity
Album: Werewolf hologram; Label: s/r
Teenage Moods - Grave Sleep
Album: mood Ring; Label: s/r
The Brutes - Same Difference
Album: Wonderous Punch; Label: s/r
Night Crusade - Mexico
Album: Night Crusade; Label: s/r
Phantom Tails - Dressed Wounds
Album: Armagedon; Label: s/r
Big Strong Men - Don't Go Too Far
Album: Don't Go Too Far; Label: s/r
The Small Cities - Last Winter
Album: With Fire; Label: Princess
the Litter - Action Woman
Album: Distortions; Label: K-Tel
Bob Dunlap & Symphonic Fuzz - Loud Loud Loud Guitars
Album: Big hits of Mid America Vol 4; Label: Twin Tone
Raggs - Let's Get It
Album: Rock N Rollmance; Label: Beta
Left As Is - Computers tell
Album: Burden of the Beat; Label: s/r
Rendered useless - Bridgework
Album: Last Year; Label: Useless
Wild Child - Just a Thought
Album: demo; Label: s/r
Dante and the Lobster - Waiting for the moon
Album: Regolith vol. 1; Label: Moonglyph
Skoal Kodiak - tinsel Teeth
Album: Regolith vol. 1; Label: Moonglyph
Air Date: 
March 2, 2012

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