1/6/2012 The Minnesota Sound


Playlist Tracks: 
Terrordactyls - Dumpster Nostra
Album: Land of the Moshed; Label: s/r
Bone Kaki - What U Want
Album: What u Want; Label: s/r
ECID - Back From Japan
Album: Werewolf Hologram; Label: Fill in the Breaks
Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band - I-94
Album: Play Loud 7" outtake; Label: ADD
Tornado - Funky Thang
Album: Tornado; Label: s/r
Brass Kings - Prodigal Son
Album: Live Humdinger; Label: s/r
Seawhores - Highway 52 s St
Album: Highway 52 s St; Label: Learning Curve
Ocean Cats - Me Libre
Album: Ocean Cats; Label: s/r
Lifter Puller - Back in Black Beard
Album: Soft Rock; Label: Self Starter
Cadillac Kolstad - Good Morning (Who Are You)
Album: All The Fun (at Palmers Bar); Label: Mill City
Willie Murphy - Time
Album: Monkey in the Zoo; Label: Atomic Theory
The Gestures - Run Run Run
Album: The Gestures; Label: Sundazed
The Gestures - Things We Said Today
Album: The Gestures; Label: Sundazed
27 various - Tore Me Up
Album: Peel n Eat Vol 1; Label: Susstones
Satellite Strange - Freddy
Album: s/t; Label: SAC
Velvet Davenport - Satan Strokes Your Hair
Album: Black Velvet; Label: SAC
Air Date: 
January 6, 2012

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