12/16/2011 The Minnesota Sound


top 11 Local 12" of 2011 show!!! Brute heart, Blind Shake, Blind Shake With Michael Yonkers, False, Children of Euler/Terracide, Scaphe, John Maus, Albert, Duahgters of the Sun, Skoak Kodiak and Gay Beast

Playlist Tracks: 
The Chinch Bugs - Meg Likes the Weed
Album: Broke; Label: s/r
The Long Straight Forever - Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Album: s/t; Label: s/r
Ghostmouth - Hunter S. Thompson
Album: Ghostmouth; Label: Banana Static
Buildings - Daniel Yeva
Album: Buildings; Label: s/r
Skoal Kodiak - Sciswell
Album: Kryptonym Bodliak; Label: Load
Blind Shake - On Me
Album: Seriousness; Label: Learning Curve
Michael Yonkers and the Blind Shake - So Be
Album: Period; Label: S.S.
False - The Key Of Passive Suffering
Album: Untitled; Label: Howling Mine/ Gilead Media
Scaphe - Mr. Stork
Album: Forking Paths; Label: Insides
Children of Euler/Terracide - Hinterlands/The Conception
Album: Split 12"; Label: s/r
Brute Heart - Satellite
Album: Lonley Hunter; Label: Soft Abuse
John Maus - Believer
Album: We Must Become the Pitless Censors of Ourselves; Label: Ribbon
Albert - Murder Laden Indie Finger Off
Album: Albert; Label: Totally Gross National Product
Daughters of the Sun - Hexagram
Album: ghost With Chains; Label: Not not Fun
Gay Beast - To Smithereens
Album: To Smithereens; Label: Skin Graft
Air Date: 
December 16, 2011

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