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1. Wild Food Summit
Produced by Michelle Alimoradi
Most people have probably never cooked with fiddle ferns and cattails, but each year at the Wild Food Summit, food enthusiasts gather to forage and prepare feasts from nature's bounty. Now in its seventh year, the Minnesota Wild Food Summit promotes ecological sustainability and community. KFAI's Michelle Alimoradi spoke to participants about the week-long event at White Earth Indian Reservation, which is just one of three Wild Food Summits in the country.

2. Urban Chickens
Produced by Sabrina Crews
Urban chicken coops are on the rise. Some city dwellers raise hens for their eggs, others harvest the birds for meat. KFAI's Sabrina Crews interviewed urban poultry owners Mimi Holmes and Janelle Hiland to find out why they keep chickens in the backyard.

3. MN Spoken Word Association
Produced by Maria Almli
In 2001, the Minnesota Spoken Word Association burst onto the scene with Singers of Daybreak, the first-ever spoken word conference. For 10 years, this grassroots organization has nurtured young artists through school programs and special events. KFAI's Maria Almli spoke to co-founders and creative directors, e.g. Bailey and Sha [SHAY] Cage, about a decade of creativity.

4. Quatrefoil Library
Produced by Dixie Treichel
Quatrefoil Library takes its name from the 1950 James Barr novel—one of the first literary works to portray homosexuals in a positive way. When it opened 25 years ago, Quatrefoil Library was a unique resource for GLBT education, research and community. Today it is one of the oldest and largest GLBT lending libraries in the country.

5. Twin Cities Pride
Produced by Dixie Treichel
The Twin Cities Pride Festival is an annual, weekend-long celebration of freedom, which includes the Ashley Rukes GLBT Pride Parade. KFAI's Dixie Treichel produced this story about TC Pride and the history about the parade, which honors those who spoke and marched publicly in support of the GLBT community.

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June 20, 2011

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