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Stories from KFAI's 10,000 Fresh Voices series

1. May is Minnesota American Indian Month
Produced by Allison Herrera
May is Minnesota American Indian Month. KFAI's Allison Herrera attended the kickoff event in Minneapolis, and spoke to Bill Ziegler, president of Little Earth of United Tribes.

2. Ethiopian musical artists Teshome Yimer & Beytubekii
Produced by Allison Herrera
You don't have to travel to the Horn of Africa to hear the sounds of Ethiopian music. A recent spring afternoon at Franklin Artworks in Minneapolis included a blend of traditional Ethiopian and American soul music by artist Teshome Yimer, as well as a performance by Oromo band, Beytubekii. KFAI's Allison Herrera has the story.

3. Afro-Brazilian Capoeira Association
Produced by Mahi Palanisami
Capoeira is a martial art created and practiced by runaway slaves in Brazil during Portuguese colonization. It's a combination of instrument playing, singing, and vigorous physical exercise. KFAI producer Mahi Palanisami spoke to members of the Afro-Brazilian Capoeira Association here in the Twin Cities. For more information about the Afro-Brazilian Capoeria Association, including classes for adults and youth, go to abcapoeira.com.

4. Say Word! Festival
Produced by Katey DeCelle
What started as an after-school poetry club, has evolved into a competitive youth poetry festival. On May 7, a spoken word festival called Say Word! took place at the Minneapolis Central Library. The one-day event featured dance performances, open mics, workshops, and youth teams competing in a series of poetry slams, aimed at crowning the 2011 Say Word! champions. KFAI producer Katey DeCelle spoke to founders e.g. Bailey and Sha Cage about the event.

5. Clickety-Clack: A Visit to Vale Typewriter
Produced by Todd Melby
The typewriter is oh-so nineteenth and twentieth century. Still, some people like the clickety-clack sound they make. Producer Todd Melby is one of them. He found a guy that still tinkers with the old machines. A visit to Vale Typewriter of Richfield, Minnesota.

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May 9, 2011

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