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Every week "Live From Studio Five!" airs live performances in our studios of local bands of all different genres. Occasionally we interview national artists such as Wanda Jackson, Kid Koala and Dale Watson. "Live From Studio 5!" is a group effort. Hosted by Cher Dial, Casey Moo, Doug Solomon and Doug The Thug. This show was started almost four years ago by MJ Gilmore and Doug The Thug.  MJ has moved on to bigger and better things in Chicago and her tireless efforts over that last four years will leave a lasting impression on "Live From Studio 5!"   Thank you MJ and good luck and we miss you!


Indie / Rock / Psychedelic
"a unique group of friends who are passionate about their craft"
"Great sound, really fun band. Kept people dancin and cool dudes ta boot"
Marshall Hawks, Tony Schurbon, Luke Kutsch, Tyler Rosenbohm, Adam Paulus, Matt Molzahn
Music reporters and social media gurus or anybody interested.
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This program is hosted by Dew Glass, Cher Dial, Casey Moo and Doug The Thug.

Our engineers are Orrin S. Pratt, Mike Cushng, Wyatt Sarber and Mike Kerschman.
(The best sound engineeers on the planet!)

Our videographers are Brian Barcenas, Georgia Cady and Doug Solomon.

Our Technical Director is Larry Sputnik.

Events Editor/ Announcer: Dew Glass

Our Producer is Douglas Solomon.

Our Sound Editor is Rico Morales.

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In honor of my dear friend, Greg Maland of Gregory Dee & The Avantis, I have finally edited together his very last performance EVER. He played three numbers at the Medina Ballroom's induction ceremony for the Minnesota Rock & Country Hall of Fame on May 27, 2006. The final number was his famous song "The Grind". The crowd went wild.

It was really COOKING in Studio 5 the night this one was recorded with about 14 bodies in the studio.  The New Primitives:

Project Make Sound aka Found In The Alley Band, doing a cover virgin of Born This Way.  (I took some liberties to put in two Madonna pix - can U tell which ones?) :

Here is a new way to play the guitar by Orchyd:

This one is NOT our ordinary fare, Mr. Gosh aka Greg Carr brought in his antique DJ equipment:  DJ SLT, eat your heart out! 

And finally, here is the all-time champion of "Live From Studio 5!" videos on our You Tube channel Haley Bonar with OVER 10,000 views:

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