8/7/2013 Listening Lounge

When Particles Collide by Eric Molinsky
In a 17-mile long tunnel outside Geneva, Switzerland, a particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider is smashing protons at nearly the speed of light. Physicists hope it will help solve mysteries of the universe and lead to an elusiveUnified TheoryStudio 360's Eric Molinsky looks into the colorful and complex design of the largest machine on the planet.
Passage to Moauv from Power Records
Stardate 5440: The Enterprise is ordered to transport the noisy, cat-like pet waul of the Moauvian ambassador to his home world. The waul escapes and its telepathic projections of fear affect all crew members ...except Lt. M'Ress. Can her immunity help to save the crew from certain despair and this calamitous kitty?!?!?
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August 7, 2013