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WORKING WITH STUDS by Atlantic Public Media

May 16th would have been Studs Terkel's 100th Birthday. He died in 2008. As a tribute we'll be airing an hour-long documentary about what it was like to work WITH Mr. Terkel.
For many years, Transom editor Sydney Lewis worked side by side with Studs on his radio show and his books. For this hour, produced in a seamless blend of documentary and reminiscence, Syd brought together a crew of Studs’ co-workers who, in turn, brought great stories, along with wonderful previously-unheard tape of Studs himself. We hope you'll enjoy this lovely eulogy to American’s greatest listener.

Because this program is a one-hour special, you will not be able to catch the whole thing in our usual archive. However, you can download or stream the entire documentary right here:

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May 16, 2012

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