4/18/2012 Listening Lounge


National Poetry Month Spectacular

Listening Lounge - As Read By The Author Promo by micahnathaniel

That's right, you angelheaded hipsters who listen to hydrogen jukeboxes, it's National Poetry Month!
To celebrate we're going hear a plethora of poems - each read by their author.

McDougal Street Blues by Jack Kerouac with Steve Allen

Listening To The Sitar Before Dawn (twice) by Robert Bly with David Whetstone & Marcus Wise

Workshop by Billy Collins

Boa Constrictor, Hug o' War, No Difference, & Early Bird by Shel Silverstein

The Congo (excerpt) by Vachel Lindsay
You can hear the complete version of The Congo here:

Vachel Lindsay - The Congo by micahnathaniel

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April 18, 2012