Jet Set Planet

Playing instrumental records from Thrift Stores since 2005.

We specialize in...

  • Exotica
  • Crime Jazz
  • Lounge and Cocktail music
  • Oven Mitt Organ
  • Ping-pong percussion
  • Bongos. Bossa Nova, and Latin tunes
  • European and American soundtracks
  • Jazz for swingers and soft-core sensualists
  • E-Z & Sleazy Listening
  • Heavy Syrup
  • Rock-Gone-Wrong
  • Juvenile Delinquent music
  • the Now Sound
  • Horkheimer
  • Moog
  • Songs of the Jet Set
  • the Schreee of 10,000 strings
  • Production Library
  • Spy Jazz
  • and Crime Sleazy

Join me, Glen Leslie, broadcasting from Studio 4 high atop the Bailey Building on Minneapolis' West Bank every Friday evening at 9pm, for 90-minutes of the best in the Higher-Than-Fi.

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Recent Playlists

7/18/2014 Jet Set Planet

Liberty Finch from the Pop Shop commandeers the Jet this week.

7/11/2014 Jet Set Planet

Episode #466: Flutastics and other blow-y things

7/4/2014 Jet Set Planet

Episode #465 – The July 4th Syndrome

6/27/2014 Jet Set Planet

Episode #464: The “I think I’ve stopped coughing” mix otherwise known as the “Weird Cuckhold” mix or the “Crazy Maniac” mix.

6/20/2014 Jet Set Planet

Episode #463 Des Moines and Ames Road Trip Record Show Volume 2

6/13/2014 Jet Set Planet

Episode #462 – Des Moines and Ames Road Trip Record Show

6/6/2014 Jet Set Planet

Episode #461: Jean Takes over the Cockpit and Wrestles with George Kennedy.

5/30/2014 Jet Set Planet

Episode #460… Late night calls, early morning invites, and slightly recovered mix. AKA when shaking Martinis be sure to get your entire Rack-O into it!

5/23/2014 Jet Set Planet

Ron filled in with his classic Technical Difficulties Show! I was sick with the Flu. So actually we WERE experiencing technical difficulties

5/16/2014 Jet Set Planet

During the May FLU Faze… don’t hold me to any of it… I was under the influence of the drugstore… Art-a-Whirl lost mix

Friday, 9:00pm to 10:30pm
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