4/20/2012 Jet Set Planet



Tonight's Episode: Record buying war stories with Steve Kyle

Zacharias - Respect
album: Zacharias Plays the Hits; label: Capitol
Ferrante and Teicher - Man from Mars
album: Soundproof; label: Westminster
Warren Kime - Mr. Lucky
album: Brass Impact; label: Command
Brass Ring - Love Theme from the Flight of the Phoenix
album: Love Theme from the Flight of the Phoenix Was it him or his music?; label: Dunhill
Tak Shindo - The Moon was Yellow
album: Brass and Bamboo; label: Capitol
Don Ralke - Bembe Negro
album: Bongo Madness; label: Crown
Marty Gold - Perdido
album: Skin Tight; label: RCA
The Hellers - It's 74 in San Francisco
album: Singers Talkers Players Swingers and Doers; label: Command
Pete Drake - The Spook
album: Forever; label: Smash
Corporation - Willow Weep for Me
album: A Sound Contemporary Musical Investment; label: Command
Bobby Byrne - Barbarella
album: Shades of Brass; label: Evolution
Jack de Mello - Singing Bambo
album: Voices in Paradise; label: Dot
Les Baxter - Jungle River Boat
album: Ritual of the Savage; label: Capitol
Frank Hunter - Mist of Gorongoza
album: White Goddess; label: Kapp
Peter Appleyard - Mambo Inn
album: Percussive Jazz Doctored for Super Stereo; label: AF
Out-Islander - Honorable Hong Kong Rock
album: Polynesian Fantasy; label: Capitol
Yma Sumac - Flame Tree
album: Miracles; label: London
Albert Van Dam & Orchestra - Voodoo Doll
album: The Crazy Horse Saloon of Paris; label: UA
Tony Newley - Overchewer
album: Overchewer; label: MGM

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April 20, 2012