3/9/2012 Jet Set Planet



{N=New} Artist's debut on the program
{R=Request} Listener Request

Playlist Tracks: 
{R} Stu Phillips and Lynn Carey - The Long Run
Album: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls; Label: Harkit
Lenny Dee - The Odd Couple
Album: Turn Around Look at Me; Label: Decca
Danny Davis - Banana Twist
Album: The Twist for Adults; Label: MGM
Frankie Laine - The 3:10 to Yuma
Album: Hell Bent for Leather; Label: Columbia
Brass Menagerie - Galveston
Album: Brass Managerie Vol 2; Label: Project 3
The Botho Lucas Choir - Means That You're Grand
Album: From Germany With Love; Label: Capitol
Bobby Hackett - Food, Glorious Food
Album: Jazz Impressions of Oliver; Label: Epic
MUZAK PLAYERS - If You Really Love Me
Album: Stimulus Progression; Label: MUZAK
George Shearing - On a Clear Day
Album: New Look!; Label: Capitol
Mystic Moods Orchestra - Nothing On My Mind/Moments Ago
Album: Extensions; Label: Philips
Sauter and Finnegan - Solo for Joe
Album: Concert Jazz; Label: RCA
George Benson - White Rabbit
Album: White Rabbit; Label: CTI
Sandi & Salli - We'll Make it to the Moon
Album: The Now Sound; Label: Ranwood
The New Generation - Sock it to Me
Album: Voices at Midnight; Label: RCA
Vic Schoen and his Corcovado Trumpets and the Girls from Ipanema - A Patch of Blue
Album: Girls with Brass; Label: Mainstream
Jimmy Smith - Burning Spear
Album: Livin' It Up; Label: Verve
Jimmy Smith - Theme to The Munsters
Album: Monster; Label: Verve
{N} Charles Paul - Tamboo
Album: Console Magic; Label: RCA
Sir Julian - Bach Goes Beserk
Album: 13 Fingers of Sir Julian; Label: RCA
{R} Jimmy Smith - the Ape Women
Album: Any Number Can Win; Label: Verve
Sleepwalk Guitars of Dan and Dale - Cool, Cool Night
Album: Goldfinger and Zorba the Greek; Label: Diplomat
Marie Mariterangi - Tangata Huruhuru
Album: James Michener's Favorite Music of the South Sea Islands; Label: RCA
Don Ho - Who's Afraid
Album: Hawaii Today; Label: Reprise
Xavier Alberto and his Orchestra - Bongoville
Album: Brazil Today (OR Jazz Heat, Bongo Beat OR Crazy Bongo by Haji Baba); Label: Crown
Rupert Sterling - Swanne River
Album: Steel Band!; Label: MVM
Soul Flutes - Pu Po
Album: Trust in Me; Label: AM
Kenny Baker - Valleri
Album: The Spectacular Trumpet of Kenny Baker; Label: Phase 4
Air Date: 
March 9, 2012

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