Dan and Travis get into some big-time fun radio junk as they play all kindsa nutso records, games and jokes and also talk to CARON MASO from THE LITTLE GIRLS band.   In addition, they set out to break the world’s record for biggest sand castle ever built by humans!!  Will they break the record?  Find out by checking out the show!!  Its JAZZED UP AND BONKERS #27!!  You can’t lose, right?

Playlist Tracks: 
Mickey Lee Lane - Hey Sa Lo Ney
Album: LP; Label: Candy
Miracle Workers - Love Has No Time
Album: LP; Label: Voxx
Dukes Of Hamburg - Mashed Potatoes
Album: LP; Label: Dionysus
Bobby Preston Quintet - Mama Get Your Hammer
Album: 45; Label: V-Tone
Mud City Manglers - 1234 Motherf*cker
Album: LP; Label: Stolen
The Pretty Things - Rosalyn
Album: 45; Label: Norton
Rainbow Red Oxidizer - When You Walked Into The Room
Album: LP; Label: Quark
Little Girls - Left Without A Real Kiss
Album: LP; Label: Valley Pop
Little Girls - Can't Get Rid Of You
Album: LP; Label: Valley Pop
Sheb Wooley - Laughing The Blues
Album: 45; Label: MGM
Rolling Stones - Please Go Home
Album: LP; Label: London
The Plasmatics - Monkey Suit
Album: 45; Label: Stiff
The Guilty Pleasures - Put Your Mouth To It
Album: LP; Label: Dusty Medical
Ohio Express - Peanuts
Album: 45; Label: Buddah
The Marathons - Peanut Butter
Album: 45; Label: Arvee
Unit 3 With Venus - PAJAMA PARTY
Album: LP; Label: Poshboy
The Mummies - Stronger Than Dirt
Album: 45; Label: Estrus
Spydells - Unhappy Days
Album: LP; Label: MZ
Vernon Dilworth's Top Cats - Shorty
Album: LP; Label: Top Cat
The Stooges - Down On The Street
Album: LP; Label: Elektra
Sonics Rendezvous Band - Electrophonic Tonic
Album: LP; Label: Easy Action
Sonics Rendezvous Band - Do It Again
Album: LP; Label: Easy Action
The Stooges - Dooji Man
Album: LP; Label: Columbia
Dave Dudley - Two Six Packs Away
Album: LP; Label: Mercury
Everly Brothers - Gone Gone Gone
Album: LP; Label: Warner Bros.
Joe E. Ross - Ooh Ooh
Album: 45; Label: MGM
Sugar And The Spices - Do The Dog
Album: 45; Label: Story
Cymbols - Dip Baby Dip
Album: LP; Label: Stomp
The Figgs - If That's What You Want
Album: LP; Label: AGO
Teengenerate - Bad Boys
Album: 45; Label: Estrus
Gentleman Jesse - Rootin' For The Underdog
Album: LP; Label: Dunchester
Geza X - Isotope Soap
Album: LP; Label: Dionysus
Dexter Romweber - Bang Bang
Album: LP; Label: Norton
The Spits - All I Want
Album: LP; Label: Dirtnap
Dale Hawkins - Back To School Blues
Album: 45; Label: Checker
Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Relaxation
Album: 45; Label: Norton
The Dictators - California Sun
Album: LP; Label: Norton
The Wimpy's - Californ-i-a
Album: LP; Label: Popball
Air Date: 
April 3, 2014

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