Save Your Baby's Life, Hosted by Marcia McCoy


Mothers' stories from the African-American and American Indian Communities where low breastfeeding rates correlate with high infant mortality rates.



This is the video from which the song played during the first break is: Teach Me How To Breastfeed


This is the Facebook group Shannon mentioned during the show: Breastfeeding Friendly Twin Cities


Playlist Tracks: 
Urban Matriarch - Teach Me How To Breastfeed
Album: ; Label:
WIC - Healthy Baby Healthy Mom
Album: WIC PSA; Label:
Katie Webster - Two Fisted Mama
Album: Genuine House - Rockin Music Vol. 4; Label: Alligator
Johnny Nocturne Band - What A Way To Go
Album: Deep Blue; Label: Rounder Records
Air Date: 
March 8, 2014

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