Many A Women's Voice, Hosted by Rmay


We are the daughters of our mothers who are daughters of their mothers. This important relationship spirals throughout the ages gathering an inheritance of issues. Join these wise crones as they share their liberating stories of healing.

Playlist Tracks: 
Joni Mitchell - Clouds
Album: Songs to Aging Children Come; Label: Reprise Records
Indigo Girls - Swamp Ophelia
Album: Least Complicated; Label: Epic
Rickie Lee Jones - Flying Cowboys
Album: Don't let the sun catch you crying; Label: Geffen
Shawn Colvin - Cover Girl
Album: You're gonna make me lonesome when you go; Label: Columbia
Judy Collins - Judith
Album: The moon is a harsh mistress; Label: Elektra
Claudia Schmidt - Essential Tension
Album: Persephone's Song; Label: All Music
Annie Lennox - The Annie Lennox Collection
Album: Pattern of my life; Label: RCA
Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials
Album: Heartlines; Label: Island Records
Ingrid Michaelson - Girls & Boys
Album: Breakable; Label: Cabin 24 Records
Trova - Healing Zone
Album: American Psalm; Label: Red House
Barb Rman - Earthbound
Album: Strawberry Pie; Label: Renegade
Thea Ennen - Hold back the sun
Album: Perfect House; Label: Atomic Theory
Allison Krauss - Oh Brother where art thou
Album: I'll fly away; Label: Lost Highway
Nora Paoli - Panoramic
Album: Little Bird Lullaby; Label: Waterbury Music and Sound
Air Date: 
March 8, 2014

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