Dynamic Endeavors: Sisters Helping Sisters Effect Change, Hosted by Brenda Bell Brown


Women share stories describing how mentoring helped them to move from hope through struggle to gain audacious success.


Special thanks to all the women who were willing to bring their stories to share, to make public their words of homage:

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Chay Douangphouxay for Jerica Price

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Sister Billie Mae Bolden for Paulie Salazar

Special Regards:   From Pastor Carlinda (Green) Lewis to Theresa (Fountain) Collins

Sister Friend, We are Family

Theresa (Fountain) Collins has been my covenant friend and sister for 21 years. She has been with me over the bridge of trouble waters in marriage, child rearing, ministry and divorce. In her life she wears many hat’s, however I have not known to wear the hat of Judgment in our relationship.

Theresa’s wisdom in being a true friend in that she has the ability to listen with eyes wide open and an heart of compassion spread wide. Whenever we have departed she has always left with me words of encouragement, worth more than the weight of gold. Even so I should say that our friendship is built on sisterhood, not in the manner in which the world says, but in the manner in what Christ said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

Through good, bad and ugly situations she’s been there cheering me on, not speaking loud with her voice but speaking loud through her actions. Theresa has been a gently voice in the journey of my life.

She is a friend that has always appeared in the river of my life with her assured of smile of, “You can make it”.  

If I were thirsty and she had a cup of her own, it would be just like her to extend it out to me to make sure that we both are refreshed … in our souls. She is a woman after God’s own heart that shows the character of Christ in her giving and her living.

When a legal situation came upon, that caused me to buckle. It was her hand that grabbed mine, enabling me to stand up, and see my through by the words that she uttered, being not just a friend but being my sister once again. She was there for the battles. She was there for my tears of joy and tears of sadness. She helped me to conquer my fears and strengthen my resolve.

I recall in 2012 when I was arrested for Malicious Punishment for a Child after disciplining my child who during the time of getting discipline ran out the door and in the course caused me to experience a most unpleasant time dealing with the courts. My Sister Girl, Theresa stood with me from the moment she heard. Theresa was the calm voice that God used in my storm.

Pastor Carlinda (Green) Lewis

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March 8, 2014

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