Hmong Wameng

Hmong Wameng has been a local Hmong mainstay for nearly two decades. Started in 1984 by Lao Family of St. Paul, HWR was embodied to give a realistic center and central voice to the Hmong community. Previous to its inception, there had been no simple way of communicating with or organizing the quickly growing populace.

For two hours on Tuesday evenings, HWR includes local, national, and international news updates and analyses, guest speakers and panels, traditional and modern musical selections. HMR also takes calls from listeners.

Show subjects are chosen on a weekly rotating schedule: during the first week, various community issues are discussed; second come issues of Hmong or American culture; third are education- and youth-related issues; finally, during the fourth week, the show comes back to general community topics – health, crime, and etcetera.

A majority of HWR’s shows are conducted in Hmong and most of its guests are Hmong. H, English is spoken at the discretion of certain underwriters, as well as when non-Hmong guests are invited, including: Health experts, police, lawyers, politicians, and non-Hmong organizations that want to discuss services offered to the Hmong community.

Recent Playlists

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