7/14/2013 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program

Sua Yaaj, a former volunteer of KFAI during the time that I was out of the country. Sua said that during the year of 1993-94, she came to HARRP with a crucial state of advocacy to all listeners. There weren't not so many cellular phones; no other radio stations; no internet services as high speed internet access; emails were not very popular. People were sending messages via snail mails. She would open the mails every week and read through the message and replied to the people as necessary. "All sudden, I became a counselor over the airwaves." Sua said. It was fun and interesting; however, for a little of less than a year time, she had to move on with her career and family obligation. This is the first time, I've ever interview her on air. Sua promises to assist HARRP as time is available in the future. I wish that Sua will continue to be on the sight line and be part of HARRP volunteer again. Listen to this full conversation by log on to www.kfai.org/hmongamericanreachout. I sincerely hope for the best of her commitment to HARRP.
Playlist Tracks: 
Tsom Xyooj - ncaim tau 40 xyoo
Album: Wb zaj dab neeg hlub; Label: PX Production
Youa Yang - Txiv nraug cuam
Album: Ua ib siab mog; Label: SuabHmoob Production
Sua Lauj - Tseem tos koj xwb
Album: Thov ua tus 2; Label: Suab Hmoob Production
Air Date: 
July 14, 2013

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