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When you think of Minnesota music, you probably think of The Purple One and the Minneapolis Sound! But did you know that Minnesota is also home to a large, diverse group of gifted, anointed Christian music recording artists? In fact, Minnesota has contributed a solid catalog of gospel artists that have made a major impact within the industry. That means that great gospel music isn't just coming out of Nashville anymore!

What's more, the Twin Cities is rapidly gaining a solid reputation for its cross-cultural worship, and for its vibrant Christian recording scene! Artists range from Grammy-winning The Sounds of Blackness, Robert Robertson – the Pavarotti of Gospel, Grammy-nominated Excelsior Choir, Stellar Award winner and RCA recording artist Darnell Davis & the Remnant, River Valley Church music, the exciting multi-ethnic Heart of the City Worship Band, and long-time local favorite Sara Renner, just to name a few!

Our goal at Heart of the City Radio is to support, promote, and encourage local Christian recording artists while at the same time providing a unique listening experience to anyone, regardless of their faith-walk, to enjoy a truly eclectic mix of positive, encouraging and inspiring music in the many styles reflecting the rich diversity of our community.

Our “target” audience is anyone seeking a refreshing, family-friendly, positive radio listening experience. And given its eclectic nature, our music will appeal to listeners of all ages and cultural backgrounds. From rap/urban, to contemporary, to pop, Latino, reggae, Bhangra(Indian) dance, black gospel, etc. - at Heart of the City Radio, there will always be something for everyone! Program host - Edwin Adorno (612-327-5126) edwin@heartofthecity.org

Recent Playlists

7/24/2014 Heart of the City Radio

BONUS THURSDAY! Your head’s gonna spin with: Kim Brown, Jodie Sellers, show newcomers Mary Beth Carlson and Yolandita Colón, Bensonwells, Nic Stevens, Josh Edwards, and HOTC Band. BONUS SONG after the last song, “Rez Chant”, so……wait for it! PLUS: Top 10 Reasons NOT To Share The Gospel! “David and Goliath” The Movie, Aviation Eddie, and “The Power of Music” Devotional. ALL THAT IN ONE HOUR!!

7/17/2014 Heart of the City Radio

DOUBLE PLAY THURSDAY!! Get an extra dose of Sara Renner, Heart of the City Latino music and a “Daddy God” double play with Lauren Becker and Heartsong! Plus: Revosiete, Wynand Hansen and Ryan Daniel & The Spirit of David! FREE Spanish lesson included!

7/10/2014 Heart of the City Radio

Another song-filled show featuring newcomers Rachel Thurber, Heather Deters and Nic Stevens, along with HOTC and other favorites! Fun bits include: The Bible: The first health manual ever written? Revive Twin Cities – A FB question – Look to the Hills Devotional – Your Favs? – Music Trivia.

7/3/2014 Heart of the City Radio

A fun-filled show featuring a few newcomers as well a beloved artist who’s moving on from the TC – sigh!! Test your 4th of July knowledge, see how much you really know about HOTC, and defend your sport – soccer, sorry futbol! Plus a meditation by CBN President, Michael D. Little. Oh yeah, and allot of great music!

6/26/2014 Heart of The City Radio

OUR PREMIERE SHOW! Join Edwin for some great local Christian music in so many different styles that will make your head spin! In between the music are fun segments such as: 6 commonly misused English words, the Moses Top 10, “Pack Up Your Sorrows” devotional, 3 Chat Pack questions, and a few Christian entertainment news items. A fun hour!

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