Go For It Family Program - Labor Day


As parents and adult role models, we want our children to have fulfilling, happy, successful lives. We want what’s best for them, for ourselves, and for our communities. How many times have you told your child…or yourself to: Change your attitude! Believe in yourself! Get rid of that habit! Make wise choices! Set a goal! Be creative! Hang in there! This is what we tell ourselves and our children to do. But where did we learn how to do it? Did anybody ever teach you exactly how to change your attitude when it was negative? Did anyone ever explain to you exactly how to believe in yourself, erase self-defeating behaviors, make wise choices, set and achieve goals, use your creative imagination, and be persistent?
Most of us make enough mistakes and face enough challenges on our way to adulthood that we develop a haphazard trial-and-error understanding of what it takes to be successful in life, or at least to avoid constant failure. As a result, because that understanding lacks a solid base of teachable knowledge and skills, our lives tend to be a tale of ups and downs. Is that all we want for ourselves and our families? The strategies and practices in this book have been developed and tested in the laboratory of many hundreds of classrooms, homes, professional organizations and corporations for nearly three decades. The Seven Keys to Success were uncovered in the early 1980s during interviews with 35 of the most successful Americans, all of them recipients of the prestigious Horatio Alger Award; among them are William Dearden, CEO of the Hershey Corporation, and Dorothy L. Brown, MD, the first African-American woman surgeon. The Seven Keys also have a solid connection to three decades of scientific evidence fundamental to the School of Positive Psychology. The GO FOR IT! Family Program delivers rock-solid how-to instructions for making the Seven Keys to Success fundamental… and lasting… in the lives of everyone in your family. Your understanding, practice and teaching of these Keys will make your children’s lives, and your life, easier and better… Now is the time to GO FOR IT!