21 Day Superstar Cleanse - Rainbeau Mars May 5th

Actress health advocate Mars offers a detoxifying cleanse that combines a vegan diet with yoga poses and philosophy, journaling, affirmations and mantras, as well as other elements intended to promote rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit. Mars, who has created her own hybrid yoga style called ra yoKa which combines traditional yoga poses with breath centered flow, explosive martial arts movements, and core strength takes readers through a 21-day cleanse to rest, restore, and reset. In three main sections (organized week by week), the author provides daily suggestions for a morning Dawn Glow Tonic, breakfast, yoga pose of the day, lunch, self TLC (read an inspiring passage, practice conscious breathing), dinner, Get Your Glow ON (dance or listen to music), and an evening Dusk Flow Tonic. Though the plan favors raw foods, Mars provides suggestions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced vegans and a variety of healthful recipes 75 in all. She also suggests beauty tips and techniques, such as a weekly Self-Care Day that includes a facial, colonic, yoga class, or relaxing bath.