4/26/2012 Fresh Fruit


Pete discusses the AIDS Walk and raising gender variant children.

Adrienne Widener, special events coordinator, and Sean Koebele, volunteer coordinator, talk about this year's Minnesota AIDS Walk, which will celebrate its silver anniversary on Sunday, May 20th, 2012.

Discussions about raising healthy gender variant children happen from the point of view from a clinician and a parent. Diane Ehrensaft is a developmental psychologist who recently published the book Gender Born, Gender Made: Raising Healthy Gender-Noncomforming Children, published by The Experiment. Dr. Ehrensaft talks about her book as well as shares the insights from her experience in practice about how the profession and parents have been making strides to raise healthier gender creative children.

Dr. Ehrensaft's appearance on In The Life can be viewed here and her talk with the Human Rights Campaign can be viewed here.

Leslie Lagerstrom's experiences raising her transgendered son inspired her to create the blog Transparenthood. She discusses her experiences with her son and the path that lead her to create the blog, and shares her plans to publish a book.

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Adrienne Widener - Special Events Coordinator
Topics: Minnesota AIDS Walk
Sean Koebele - Volunteer Coordinator
Topics: Minnesota AIDS Walk
Diane Ehrensaft - Developmental Psychologist
Topics: Book: Gender Made, Gender Born
Leslie Lagerstrom - Blogger
Topics: Blog: Transparenthood