Sept 20,2012-Guerilla Girls Billboard, John Medeiros, Stewart Van Cleve, Gemma Irish, Patrick Kozicky

Fresh Fruit Sept 20, 2012 with Host Dixie Treichel


Joan Vorderbruggen,  Founder, Arts Coordinator of Artists in Storefronts

Erin Sayer, Owner  of the Cult Status Gallery

Robyn Hendryx, Board Member, Exhibitions Committee Co-Chair with Womens’ Art Resources of MN (W.A.R.M.)


Guerrilla Girls' "Vote No" billboard features Michele Bachmann

Artists in Storefronts’ Joan Vorderbruggen, Erin Sayer of Cult Status Gallery and Robyn Hendrix of Womens’ Art Resources of Minnesota (W.A.R.M.) along with others raised money to erect a billboard aimed at defeating the marriage amendment  on the November Ballot in MN. The organizations were able to raise enough money to hire the Guerilla Girls, renowned public art activists, to create an image for the billboard and an additional image decrying the voter I.D. amendment to be used for posters, as well as the money to rent a billboard on Glenwood Avenue and 12th Street in downtown Minneapolis, MN. It stands above a parking lot used by many people who are going to games at Target Field.


John Medeiros, poet, writer

He has a new book of poetry out "couplets for a shrinking world"

 and is co-curator of Queer Voices Readings at Intermedia Arts who have a reading

coming up Sept 25


Stewart Van Cleve, author, historian

Author of "Land of 10,000 Loves: A History of Queer Minnesota", will be at Magers & Quinn on Wednesday, October 10th at 7:30 PM for a talk and book signing.

In Land of 10,000 Loves, Stewart Van Cleve blends oral history, archival narrative, newspaper accounts, and fascinating illustrations to paint a remarkable picture of Minnesota’s queer history. Land of 10,000 Loves honors this rich and diverse legacy and is a compelling testament to the sacrifices, scandals, and victories that have affected and continue to affect the lives of queer Minnesotans.


Patrick Kozicky and Gemma Irish, BOOM! Theater founders

BOOM! Theater makes its debut with the play

Engaged, a world premiere drama by local playwright Gemma Irish, Director Christine Karki

Over dinner with friends, longtime couple Ben and Josh agree to help raise awareness about an upcoming marriage amendment. But they become entangled in more than just a political issue. Misunderstandings and insecurities surface, friends new and old are pulled into the fray, insults and food get thrown, and the very institution of marriage is called into question as these two men fight for the right to love who they love.

October 19 – 27 at the Cedar Riverside Peoples' Center.