MN Fringe Festival Reviews 2012 by Dixie Treichel


2012 Minnesota Fringe Reviews by Dixie Treichel, KFAI

Shows listed in alphabetical order

Shows With Queer Content

Analyzing the Bully
A young cast of actors and actresses tackle a big topic. I was glad to see them bringing into the theater. Good acting and overall production. The bare bulb center stage was on too long I think. It was distracting. I hope they re-work a few spots and tour with this show. It is a very important one.

BATTLE AX GALACTICA - The Return of Kitty Williams
Imaginative, kooky and creative. Space creatures and competitive movie stars. Kitty Williams was as funny as ever. When so many shows are trying to fit in the status quo this one sticks out as unique. A mix of camp, comedy and craziness. Fun show.

Christopher Street: A New Musical
Really great to see such an ambitious project. Doing a full scale musical is always a challenge and Christopher Street gave it a go. The show needs work and refining. Some good music, singing and interesting ideas. The electric instruments were too loud. I hope this show gets developed and remounted somewhere with all the singers being mic'd.

Fruit Fly: The MusicalA modern musical with a Cole Porter feel portraying a deep friendship between a straight woman and gay man. Clever lyrics, great music, and singing. Sheena and Max performed with high energy and worked well together. The musicians were well balanced and supported the singers well. There were a couple of places I felt that the point was over done a bit but I can imagine this expanded to a larger production. If you like musicals go see this one.

The Gay Banditos

This show had some funny moments but it could use some reworking. The parody/satire quirkiness and queerness was setup well but sometimes overdone. I like comedy that makes the twist and then moves on. Well performed.

Storms Beneath Her Skin
In a skillful mix of self-portrait and poetic performance Rebecca performed with high energy throughout the whole show keeping my attention consistently. She weaves her insight and life experience into her performance from both a trans and human perspective. Before and after audience engagement adds to this show. Great writing and performing. Go See.

The Naked I: Wide Open (Abridged)Great show all around. Entertaining and educational short pieces about gender fluidity and identification. Good acting and writing. Must see.

The Urban Hermit
Creative integration of storytelling, live music, and movement. This piece is not just a wordy narrative but an artful, captivating theater piece that Rachel Nelson weaves with humor and non-verbal communication. Her skills on a variety of folk instruments, voice and songs she has written adds to the piece as a whole. She guides us along a path from isolation to performing in a women's coffee house, as a street musician and the dissolving of the hermit . Very well done