Sam Amidon Performs at The Cedar

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 7:30pm

KFAI is proud to sponsor Sam Amidon in concert at the Cedar Cultural Center on Tuesday, October 1st.

Sam Amidon returns to The Cedar in support of his new album Bright Sunny South (Nonesuch). The folk songs, shape-note hymns, and country ballads that Amidon performs deal on the surface with the darkest, most fundamental of issues—the specter of death, the looming clouds of war, unquenchable longing, unrequited love. Yet there is beauty and comfort in these time-tested words and well-worn melodies and in Amidon’s simple, emotionally direct delivery of these songs.

Independently-minded freak folk artist inBOIL opens. With solid blues and folk roots, inBOIL both respects the themes of these styles, singing the lament of the working man or the complaints of the newly single, and rejuvenates them, with self-consciously modern lyrics that are never less than charming and quite often ingenious.