Susan Lindauer, CIA Whistleblower to speak on Pre-War Peace Option with Iraq

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 7:00pm

In a TPT special aired in October 2010, Daniel Ellsberg decried the failure of the many within the US government who knew for a fact that the Bush administration was lying to get into the Iraq war…that not one of them had the courage to tell the truth…to congress, to the press, to Julian Assange, or anyone else of consequence.

Susan Lindauer, a Smith College graduate and former congressional staffer and CIA asset, is one person who did try to get the truth about Iraq to both the White House and Congress. In back channel discussions, Iraq offered a peace option which satisfied all the demands of the CIA. In other words, we did not need to militarily invade the country. When Ms. Lindauer made this known to the Bush Administration and members of Congress, she was arrested under the Patriot Act and imprisoned for a year with no trial. During that time she was put under gag order to prevent her from testifying to Congress.

As her esteemed attorney Brian Shaughnessy writes in the Forward to Ms Lindauer’s book, “Her portfolio smartly repudiates claims that Intelligence Assets made no attempt to correct faulty intelligence on Capitol Hill before the War. Indeed, FBI records show that she worked night and day around the clock to do just that…. For the deception to succeed, they had to take her down.”

The Justice Department ultimately dropped all charges against her five days before Obama was inaugurated denying her a courtroom to share her story.

There are two opportunities to hear her speak.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 (10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq)
St. Paul Labor and Professional Building
411 Main Street, St. Paul, MN

Thursday, March 21, 2013
St. Luke Presbyterian Church
3121 Groveland School Road, Minnetonka, MN

Both events start at 7:00 pm, doors open at 6:30 pm.
Free and open to the public. All citizens encouraged to attend. Freewill donations graciously accepted.

Co - Sponsored by: St Paul Regional Labor Federation, St. Luke Presbyterian Church, Veterans for Peace, Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, Minnesota Truth
Endorsed by Women Against Military Madness, Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers.