"My Life in Audit Hell"

Friday, May 30, 2014 - 8:00pm

Eclectic Electric with Venus de Mars
"My Life in Audit Hell"
Friday, May 30th at 8pm
*Donations will be accepted at the door*

Gadu DouShin - Butoh Dance
Nic Lincoln - Dance
Jaime Carrera - Performance Art
Jim Walsh - Music
Venus de Mars - Music

As many of you know, Venus de Mars and Hi/r wife Lynette have spent the last year and a half in disagreement with the State of MN's Dept. of Revenue over a Kafkaesque Audit experience, and their initial determination that both S/he and Hi/r wife were not real working artists, but in fact only hobbyists, and therefore owing thousands in back taxes.

After going public, obtaining a lawyer, spending legal fees in excess of $10,000, months of fundraising, endless research trying to track down past and present business contacts for letters of clarification and work relations (some quite unwilling to write such a letter), The State dropped their case against Lynette, but remained decidedly against Venus.

We now find Venus on the cusp of possibly coming to the end of Hi/r long fight. Please join us to explore what it means to be a working artist, or more exactly, how do we define ourselves as artists vs. how the State defines us as artists. At the end of this night of performance, Venus will take part in an arts community dialogue and Q & A moderated by Jim Walsh.