KFAI Spring 2014 Pledge Drive

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 6:00am to Friday, April 11, 2014 - 11:45pm

Spring 2014 Pledge Drive - What Can You Do to Help?

Your community radio station has a goal of $91,000 this spring and you can help us reach it. Click below to become a Member NOW!   https://dnbweb1.blackbaud.com/OPXDONATE/AddDonor.asp?cguid=9941309F-4E3B-4FA6-9CB2-7631936E80C7&sid=84068067-9F65-4315-949E-3AF912F5563D

Do you like to be at the station, to meet other volunteers and to have conversations?

  • Answer Phones! Sign up with Pam by calling 612.341.3144x22, by email at phill@kfai.org, or outside the music library when sign-up sheets are posted March 10th. Answering phones is fun, supports the program hosts who work so hard to encourage donations, and is an easy way to do your part for the pledge drive.

Do you like to cook?

  • Bring a meal or snack for fellow volunteers! We have a handful of vuolunteers who do this already and it's a big hit! You can bring a "crock pot meal" or fruit bread or sandwich makings or bars or cookies or...or...or... Sign up with Jackson by calling 612.341.3144x24 or by email at jacksonbuck@kfai.org.

Have you answered phones for a few drives and want to do more?

  • Become a Pledge Producer! Talk to Pam about joining this elite team of really excellent people who make all aspects of the pledge drive - from phones to pledges to program host support to premiums - flow smoothly. Producer training sessions will be held Wednesday, March 19th from6:30-8pm in the Newsroom and Saturday, March 22nd from 11am-12:30pm in Studio 5. We could use more pledge producers!

Do you like to stay up late at night?

  • Answer phones or become a Pledge Producer! The overnight shows feature some of our most unique and exclusive programming. They deserve more support - can you help? Shifts from 1am-3am or 12am-2am or 2am-4am would be terrific! If you have answered phones before, consider becoming a pledge producer for a late night show.

What else would you like to do? Contact Pam or Miguel with your ideas, thank you!