The Handsome Family with AZITA

The Handsome Family
Friday, July 19, 2013 - 8:00pm

KFAI is a proud sponsor of the return of the alt-country duo The Handsome Family to the Cedar Cultural Center on Friday, July 19, at 8:00 pm, bringing their haunting music back to Minnesota.

The Handsome Family's (Brett and Rennie Sparks) new album, "Wilderness," features a menagerie of animals (frogs, flies, wildebeest, octopuses, lizards) that in lyricist Rennie Sparks’ hands become intertwined with true stories of Stephen Foster’s death in a Bowery flophouse, General Custer’s shiny boots as he lay dead on a Montana prairie and the capture of Mary Sweeney, the Wisconsin Window Smasher of 1896. It's a darkly beautiful vision from modern-day American Gothics.

Their lyrics and music are intense and highly descriptive, full of meticulously-researched narrative and exhilarating musical re-imaginings of everything from Appalachian holler to psychedelic rock, Tin Pan Alley and medieval ballad.

You’ll hear parlor ballads and overdriven guitars, trilling mandolin and clawhammer banjo, plus beautiful bells, intricate seven-part harmonies, pedal steel guitar, and elemental rock ’n roll.

Avant-pop songwriter-pianist-singer AZITA opens.

More information is available from the events page at The Cedar, or by calling The Cedar at 612-338-2674.