Don't Be A Shadow: A Youth-produced Photography Exhibition Exploring School Violence Prevention

Monday, May 13, 2013 - 7:30pm

“Don’t Be A Shadow” is a youth-produced photography exhibit aimed at raising awareness of school violence and bullying prevention. 160,000 kids in the US stay home every day because of fear of violence or bullying at school. Eighty-three percent of bullying and school violence incidents receive no intervention and continue to happen. This gallery seeks an answer to this endemic problem.

During the course of this project, the youth participants used photography to learn about and understand the effects of violence in schools. They were visited by award-winning local photographer Wing Young Huie, where they learned to consider the power of an image to demonstrate an identity, experience or story. In this exhibit, you will see true stories of school violence as told by youth who directly experience it.

Middle school students from several Minneapolis Public Schools came together to learn about school violence, its residual damage, and the most effective prevention methods. This gallery is inspired by the stories of school violence victims and seeks to capture the immediate effects of violence as well as promote the methods with which we can all help to stop school violence.

This gallery is a collaborative effort between youth participants of local nonprofits EDIT and Urban Ventures.