THe Brutes

Friday, June 7, 2013 - 8:00pm to Sunday, June 30, 2013 - 9:00pm

Theatre Forever (formerly Jon Ferguson Theater) presents The Brutes, a new tragic comedy conceived and directed by Jon Ferguson, created with the ensemble, with text by Dominic Orlando, beginning June 7th at a machine shop, 2204 Minnehaha Ave, in Minneapolis.

Tickets may be purchased at:
Thurs-Sun until June 30th. (8:00pm Thurs-Sat, 7:00pm Sunday. All Thursday performances, PAY WHAT YOU CAN).

The venue is a found industrial space taken over and transformed by Theatre Forever and The Brutes artistic team. Beginning June 7th it will be the bunker-nation of an unnamed war-ravaged country where the last remnant of a citizens’ army awaits the end of a long and drawn out war. Centuries of brutal boundary disputes have shrunk their country to its bitter nub—this bunker, this scattered remnant, is all that’s left of a once proud nation.

From within their shrinking, one-room no man’s land, surrounded by endless war and warlords, they eagerly await news from the front, seek international recognition from anyone who will listen, and cling desperately to the physical remnants and fragmented memories of their country. Highly physical and poetic, The Brutes explores the lengths to which we will go to survive, to retain hope, and to protect ourselves and those we cherish from the poisons of war.

The Brutes ensemble includes Theatre Forever company members Dario Tangleson and Allison Witham, along with Charlotte Calvert, Robbie Hayek, Miriam Schwartz, Mitchell Seymour, and Susanna Stahlmann. Sound and original score by Tim Cameron. Lighting by Wu Chen Khoo. With production assistance from McKenna Kelly-Eiding and Ryan Patrick. Illustrated publicity image created by Theatre Forever company member, John Catron. Visit for more information.