Liberation Theology set to music: The Nicaraguan “Misa Campesina”


(A talk presented by Gilberto Vázquez Valle)
WHEN: Saturday, September 22nd, at 1:00 PM
WHERE: Boneshaker Books
2002 23rd Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN. 55404 (Seward neighborhood)
(Behind the Second Moon Café [2223 E Franklin Ave.])
Through Nicaraguan folk music and a fresh, vernacular language the Misa Campesina Nicaragüense (Nicaraguan Peasants’ Mass) expresses basic tenets of liberation theology; among these, the “preferential option for the poor” and the Christian duty to become actively involved in the struggle for liberation from unjust, oppressive economic, political, or social conditions.
The Misa Campesina Nicaragüense was composed by Carlos Mejía Godoy and was first performed in Solentiname, Nicaragua, in 1975. The mass was broken up by the Nicaraguan government’s Guardia Nacional and almost immediately the Archbishop of Managua banned its performance in churches. Since 1989 the Vatican officially prohibited its liturgical use.
This talk will also address some of the basics aspects of Liberation Theology. The recorded fragments from the Misa Campesina Nicaragüense to be played will include an English language translation.