It's a Worldwide DUB Affair Baby!

Join Dr. StrangeDub and DJ Baby Swiss (aka Capt. 2much FreeTime) in the Echo Chamber your worldwide dub club. With the heaviest dubs, the most conscious roots, and the funkiest club beats, all chilled and mixed into a subsonic stew, the Echo Chamber is the hippest place to be every Wednesday morning from 2:00 to 6:00 a.m.

A typical show features a heavy dose of modern roots dub reggae and a potent shot of old school roots and dub. But dub just lays the foundation and holds the trip together: the DJ dub doctors cover the entire reggae rainbow, and they pull in the heaviest chilled beats from clubs around the world. For most shows, Dr. StrangeDub is at the controls for the first 2 hours, while DJ Baby Swiss "runs tings" in the second half of the show.



Recent Playlists

7/30/2014 ECHO CHAMBER
7/23/2014 ECHO CHAMBER

7/16/2014 ECHO CHAMBER

Tonight we headed to the moon…and off into space as part of our annual “Lunar Lunatics” special commemorating the first moon landing on July 20, 1969. The lunacy included moon and space related tracks like: “The Great Gig in the Sky” (from “Dub Side of the Moon”), “Walking on the Moon”, “Moonwalking”, “Bosporus Moon”, “Send em to Outa Space”, “Galactical Dub”, “Space Shuttle”, “Star Trek”, “Space-Time Paradox”, “A Bunch of Guys About to Turn Blue”, “Supernova at the End of the Universe”, and “Space & Time”. And what a far-out mix of artists tonight including Yabass & Yaba Radics, Easy Star All Stars, Vulcans, The Orb, Mystic Revealers, The Ullulators, Subatomic Sound System, DubXanne (backed by Okada), Sun Ra, Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan, Tassilli Players, and many more. Finally, part of tonight’s program included an excerpt from a mix titled “Short Trip Into Space and Back” by Saetchmo. Quite a trip…


In the second half, the Swissmeister continued our Space Month observances, starting with 60 Channels’ “Light Years On,” winding up with Mickey Hart Band’s “Falling Stars,” and filling the space inbetween (space, get it?) with Strange Constellations, an Alien Grandpa, an Interstellar Teakettle, and some (presumably Martian) Red Sand.


Another week with great new releases, and a very cool mix from the Marée BASS netlabel. First up was the excellent new “Addis to Omega” album from Dub Colossus. I’ve been waiting awhile for this one – after being a part of the crowd-funding effort on Certainly worth the wait! This was followed by the great new Jah Wobble & PJ Higgins “Inspiration” album, and then the cool “Touched” remix album from International Observer (on Dubmission). Another cool new Dubmission release making its debut was “Tickling the Dragon’s Tail” from Misled Convoy – as part of Dubmission set. More great sounds from Dub Gideon (who were just in town with General Smiley), Adam Prescott, Deep Fried Dub, E.R.S., General Smiley & McPullish, Dubchek, Creation Rebel, Omars Attacks, Mad Professor/Sly & Robbie, Luciano, Dry & Heavy/King Jammy, Sub Dub, Prince Buster, and more, as d.j. babyswiss kicked off Space Month after the half.

6/25/2014 ECHO CHAMBER

Another crazy mix of great music tonight. Brand new releases from Phil Harmony (the excellent “10 YRs In Dub”); The Meridian Brothers (the farout new “Salvadora Robot” on Soundway); Nate Wize (the cool “Rock Bass EP” produced by Dubmatix); Alpha Steppa (the sublime “Trigram 03” EP); Anex (the “Heartbeat EP” on MindStep); plus singles from Luciano and Bryan Art. Also, with summer in full gear, we re-aired part 1 of Dr. StrangeDub’s “In the Garden of Dub Mix”, right after Madtone the Dub Gardener: Pete Polanyk interviewed on “The Dirt” on Fab Radio International. And with Chicha Libre in town for a show, we played a track from their “Sonido Amazonico” album, plus a track from the original chicha masters Juaneco y su Combo. An eclectic mix filled out the show and included Mad Professor, Dub Suppliaz; Down Beat; Shandy, Will & Grruff; The Dynamics; Funk Dub Division, Tommy McCook; Up Bustle & Out!; Twile; Dub Syndicate; Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra; Sheriff Lindo; General Smiley; and more…

6/18/2014 ECHO CHAMBER

Another night full of some great new music, and plenty of variety. Kicked things off with a taste of the new Dub Colossus “Addis to Omega” project – only the track we played “Boom Ka Boom (From Russia with Dub Mix)” is an alternate mix that is not on the album, but on the free EP that came with the album when bought through PledgeMusic. Next up was “Jah Jah Have No Colour” an excellent new single from Yeyo Perez & Bass Culture Players. More great new sounds from The Process ft. Lord Kimo (the hot new “Fire Is Burning” mixed by Scientist); The Dubbstyle meets Don Goliath (slated for release on the upcoming “Echo Chamber – Around the World in Dub – V.5 & 6”); Shandy, Will & Grruff (the cool “Island Time” album); Alborosie (from the excellent “Specialist presents Alborosie & Friends” double album); Stick Figure (from the choice new “Monterey or Bust” compilation on Rebel Sound); Kojo Neatness (from the rootical new “Reggae Street” on Tube Dub Sound); Black Slate (from the righteous new “World Citizenship” album); and the skankin’ mashup version of “Anarchy in the UK” from Dubmatix & Prince Blanco…and the Sex Pistols. More new sounds from Bruxism (an experimental new project from our friend Eggblood), Krease, Dubmatix, Quantic, Skeewiff, Mutant Frogs, Chris Toppa, Thomas Blondet, and Charel & Sanguebom

6/11/2014 ECHO CHAMBER

Super special Echo Chamber tonight….as we did a BRAZILIAN special to kick off the World Cup. So we had Bossa Novas, and Sambas, Brazilian pop, Brazilian dub, and even Sambas in dub (thanks to the Mad Professor). One side-trip tonight with a couple Latin tracks from Quantic (with Ondatropica and Flowering Inferno) to celebrate Quantic’s show in Minneapolis June 15th. Our 4-hour Brazilian mix included tracks from Céu, Sol Azul & Visionary, Dom La Nena, Skeewiff, Bebel Gilberto, Curumin, Mad Professor, Buguinha Dub, Charel & Sanguebom, Zuco 103, Luis Maita, BossaCucaNova, Silvia Tape, Undersea Poem, Sistema Criolina, Dubphonic (ft. Céu), Adwa Dubs, Sonantes, Smoke City, OBMJ, Sergio Mendes, Lalo Schifrin, Quincy Jones, Trio Esperanca, m-flo, Walter Wanderley, Amaldo Antunes, Ecoalaize, Lurdez da Luz, Mutant Frogs, and still more…


Some King Size Dub tonight… In fact, kicking off the show was the heavy new King Size Dub Special – Dubvisionist release in the King Size series from Echo Beach. Another great dub collection selected by Nicolai at Echo Beach – including a couple of Dubvisionist dubs, plus many of the dubs were remixed by Dubvisionist. Several other great new releases making their debut tonight: Citizen Sound’s Myrtle Forest Sessions (on Renegade Media); Quantic’s “Magnetica” (on Tru Thoughts); “Knowledge Shine Bright” from See-I (on Fort Knox); and Mad Codiuf’s “Militant Art of Dub” EP (on Maree Bass). Following on this we featured 3 great singles from Grant Phabao and the Paris DJs label – one featuring Lone Ranger, another with Carlton Livingston, and the last one a cool, low-down remix of Erykah Badu. Another highlight of the show was a 35-minute excerpt from a choice dubwise mix from Comando del Dub entitled Comando Del Dub Presenta Guerrilla Dub Vol I. Also in the mix tonight: Dr. Trippy, Yabass, Seb Taylor/Kaya Project, Twilight Circus meets DJ Spooky, Shandy, Will & Grruff, Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, John Brown’s Body, The Dynamics, Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra, Señor Coconut, RSD ft. Prince Jamo/Scientist, Mutant Frogs (a froggie fossil!), Little Tempo, and more…

5/28/2014 ECHO CHAMBER

Not quite June yet, but kicking off Summer inna Echo Chamber… And what a great start for summertime in the new “Island Time” from Shandy, Will & Grruff. Such a bouncy, fun album of rocking steady reggae and other grooves (including Latin sounds and even some funky blues). More great new sounds from Ras MC Bean from Guyana, Raging Fyah (from “Destiny” album), Susan Cadogan (produced by Mad Professor), Dubobsession meets Yayoland, HiFi Champion (feat. Top Cat), DJ Vadim, Tribal Seeds, AlgoRhythmiK, Dubmatix, Echo&Reverb All Stars, Dub Terminator & Ras Stone, Thomas Blondet, Hollie Cook, Dr. Trippy, and The Ital Ensemble. Another highlight tonight was a 30-minute excerpt from the 8th annual “Around The World in 20+ Dubs” special (originally aired on Echo Beach on WLUW-FM Chicago, April 4). On top of all this we featured Killa Sista, O. De Lanzac, All India Radio, The Nth Power, Celia Paul, Prince Buster, Jah Wobble, Steffe, Secret Panels vs. The Assessor, Fishmans, Caravan Palace, and more…