4/25/2012 Echo Chamber


Tonight the Echo Chamber presented the annual "Word Beat I Powa" dub poetry, other poetry, and spoken word special as part of National Poetry Month. Of course, it was dub poetry that set the foundation of the show. Among the dub poets featured were Oku Onoura, Mutabaruka, Ras Takura, Jean Binta Breeze, Benjamin Zephaniah, Tomlin Ellis, Malachi Smith, Glenville Bryan, Jazzmin Tutum, Lillian Allen, Desmond Faada Johnson, Lady Dawn, and of course, the incomparable Linton Kwesi Johnson. Other pieces of dub poetry included the excellent track "Dilly Dally" from Everton Sylvester and the Brooklyn Funk Essentials, and "Spirit Made Flesh" from Dub Gabriel and Karen Gibson. But there was much more than dub poetry... From the Beat camp we had Jack Kerouac, and The Last Poets contributed the gritty "True Blues". Other voices included Jah Wobble and Ronnie Drew doing "London Rain" from the "Celtic Poets" album; Ken Nordine's unique "word jazz'; the "Hashish Poem" from Bill Laswell and Nicole Blackman; and the powerful words and music of Liberian born (and KFAI's own) poet, e.g. bailey. Ahh, but let us not forget the extraordinary Jamaican DJs. Before there was dub poetry as we know it today, there was already the great tradition of Jamaican "toasters" -- and we included King Stitt and I-Roy. Heck, we even included some classic Stiller & Meara comedy, and "Jack the Biscuit" from late Andy Fairley. What an eclectic mix of words...and beats...and Powa!

Playlist Tracks: 
Mutabaruka - Dis Poem
Album: The Ultimate Collection; Label: Shanachie
Jazzmin Tutum - I Land Vibes
Album: forthcomin; Label: direct from artist
*Ras Takura - Her Majesty's Prison Dub
Album: N/A; Label: Self Release (ReverbNation.com)
LKJ - It Noh Funny
Album: Independant Intavenshan anthology; Label: Island
Oku Onoura - Cumin Dub
Album: Dubbin' Away; Label: ROIR
Oku Onoura - More Dub
Album: Dubbin' Away; Label: ROIR
Benjamin Zephaniah - This Poetry
Album: recorded from BBC appearance; Label: BBC
Andy Fairley - Jack the Biscuit
Album: Pay It All Back vol. 1 v.a.; Label: On-U Sound
Tomlin Ellis - Drop It
Album: Word Sound 'ave Power v.a.; Label: Heartbeat
Glenville Bryan - Blood Shout
Album: Word Sound 'ave Power v.a.; Label: Heartbeat
Undersea Poem - Meruna Que Corne
Album: Undersea Poem; Label: Six Degrees
*Celt Islam - Magaam
Album: Urban Sutra; Label: Urban Sedated Records
Desmond Faada Johnson - Pucko Poetry
Album: Pucko Music; Label: NML Music
Royal African Soldiers - Food War
Album: Food War; Label: Self Release
Mutabaruka - Junk Food
Album: The Ultimate Collection; Label: Shanachie
Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Dilly Dally (ft. Everton Sylvester)
Album: Cool and Steady and Easy; Label: RCA
LKJ - Liesense fi Dub
Album: LKJ in Dub vol. 3; Label: LKJ
Lady Dawn - Rise Up
Album: single; Label: CVR Promotions
Dubcall (Dubinvestigator) - Poem for the Children
Album: ?; Label: ?
Jean Binta Breeze - Mother Africa
Album: Eena Me Corner; Label: Niza
Bill Laswell - Hashish Poem (ft. Nicole Blackman
Album: Hashisheen : the end of Law; Label: Sub Rosa
The Last Poets - True Blues
Album: The Best Of The Last Poets; Label: Charly Records
Brain Damage - Intro > Sterile (ft. Black Sifichi
Album: Spoken Dub Manifesto vol. 1; Label: Jarring Effects
Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen - Charlie Parker
Album: Poetry for the Bet Generation; Label: Rhino
Jah Wobble - London Rain (ft. Ronnie Drew)
Album: Celtic Poets; Label: 30 Hertz
e.g. bailey - America
Album: American Afrikan; Label: Tru Ruts/Speakeasy
Dub Gabriel - Spirit Made Flesh (ft. Karen Gibson)
Album: ?; Label: Destroy All Concepts
Lillian Allen & Roots Control - Poetry (excerpt)
Album: Live From Planet Crooklyn; Label: Wordsound
Dub Sac ft. the Storytellers - Dub Anthem
Album: Dub Sac ft. the Storytellers; Label: Anicca
Jen meets Chin Chillaz - No Ordinary Life
Album: Comfy Dub v.a.; Label: Tricornmusic
Mutabaruka - Never Get Weary Dub
Album: Mutabaruka In Dub; Label: Lethal
*10 Ft. Ganja Plant - Red Boat Opera
Album: 10 Deadly Shots; Label: ROIR
Dubchek - Reparation
Album: Down Memory Gap Lane; Label: Unitone World
Two Tone Club - Bub K. Lewis (ft. King Stitt)
Album: Turn Off; Label: ?
I-Roy - Brother Toby is a Movie from London
Album: Dubble Attack v.; Label: Greensleeves
I-Roy - The Godfather
Album: Deejay a Menace Babylon; Label: Burning Bush
Ken Nordine - You Know the Story
Album: Word Jazz - A Transparent Mask; Label: Asphodel
Ken Nordine - Sound Museum
Album: Best of Word Jazz vol. 1; Label: Rhino / Wea
(mix) The Aquarians - Funky Aquarius (Aquarius Horns)
Album: v.a. Aquarius Rock - The Hip Reggae World of Herman Chin-Loy; Label: Pressure Sounds
(mix) Stiller & Meara - Inside Project: Mercury
Album: Presenting America's Newest Comedy Sensations; Label: laugh.com
Malachi Smith - Laid Mout'
Album: Hail to Jamaica; Label: 4M
Herman - River Nile Version
Album: v.a. Aquarius Rock - The Hip Reggae World of Herman Chin-Loy; Label: Pressure Sounds
ZBS Productions - The Rise and Fall of Rodant Kapoor - Lights On, Idiot!
Album: Ruby 3 - The Underworld; Label: ZBS
Third World - Love Is Out to Get You
Album: 12"; Label: Columbia
Air Date: 
April 25, 2012