6/21/2013 Crap From The Past

Playlist Tracks: 
A3 - Woke Up This Morning
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Tony Carey - The First Day Of Summer
Album: 45; Label: MCA
Steve Perry - You Better Wait
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Love And Money - Candybar Express
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Ferrets - Don't Fall In Love
Album: Australia 1977; Label: unknown
Silver Studs - Funky Feet
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
XTC - Earn Enough For Us
Album: Skylarking; Label: Geffen
Bourgeois Tagg - Cry Like A Baby
Album: 45; Label: unknown
Bama - Touch Me When We're Dancing
Album: 45; Label: unknown
Rainhard Friedrich - Macho Macho
Album: Germany 1988; Label: unknown
David Lee Roth - Running With The Devil
Album: unreleased; Label: unreleased
Donald Fagen - New Frontier
Album: 45; Label: WB
Duke Jupiter - I'll Drink To You
Album: 45; Label: Coast To Coast
PM Dawn - Paper Doll
Album: TM Century 1992; Label: TM
Vanessa - Upside Down
Album: Netherlands 1982; Label: unknown
Air Date: 
June 21, 2013

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