Corazon Latino

Corazón Latino beats for you every Tuesday from 12:00-2:00 PM with your hosts, Eve and Carla. We follow Latin rhythms all over the world: from merengues and bachatas of the steamy Dominican Republic to cool charanga salsa on the streets of La Habana to Afro-Caribbean call-and-response from the Venezuelan coast; from rancheras on the Texas-Mexican border to folk harp from the plains of Paraguay and the Port of Veracruz to Brazilian songs to Yemayá, the Goddess of the Sea. You'll hear zampoñas, pan pipes from the Andes, and accordion from the Rio Grande to Patagonia. Then we'll jump continents to bring you nouveau flamenco from Spain and northern Africa, fados from Portugal, ballads from the Sephardic Jewish diaspora and spicy renditons of Latin music from Angola, Mozambique and Cabo Verde. Y mucho más! Don't miss our weekly voyage straight to the heart of Latin music, Corazón Latino, every Tuesday from 12:00-2:00 PM! ¡A gozar!

Cual es tu ritmo favorito? Want to know more about the music? You can reach Eve and Carla at:

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