Fri.July 12 on Catalyst:Indigenous Activism/New film on Homelessness

Twin Cities filmmaker BRENDA BELL BROWN with collaborator (& KFAI News Reporter) YVETTE HOWIE talk about their new docu-drama "there but for the Grace of God: responding to the rebvelation", premiering Tue. July 16 (event info below). Indigenous/Native American activist MARTIN COBENAIS  from Red Lake, MN and part of Indigenous Environmental Network with KATE JACOBSON of on climate change, the Embridge pipeline proposed for northern Minnesota and spiritual activism (July 15 event below).


Tue.July 15, 5pm:Film premier "there but for For Grace of God:responding to the revelation"

Rondo Library, 461 Dale St. North,  St.Paul (FREE)

Mon.July 15, 7pm:Indigenous Voices, Spiritual Activism

Hidden Falls, St.Paul 55116