FRI.FEB.15 on CATALYST: "Year of the Dakota" MN Indigenous Peoples with Dr. CHRIS MATO NUNPA

Tune in to KFAI's CATALYST:politics & culture" FRI. FEB. 15, 9 AM to hear Indigenous scholar-activist Dr. Chris Mato Nunpa (partial bio below). He is working at City Councils across the state and at the Minnesota State legislation to pass "a Resolution declaring 2013 "The Year of the Dakota," that acknowldges Minnesota's history of white settlers' and government  towards First Nations' peoples'  that included:Concentration Camps, Forced Marches, Mass Hangings,  Forcible Removals ("Ethnic Cleansing"),  Suppression of Dakota Spirituality and Ceeremonies,  Prohibition of the Dakota Language being Spoken,  Resident Boarding Schools,  Bounties,    etc., are GENOCIDE.

ALSO: Music & spoken word by Indigenous artists SHELLY MORNINGSONG and CHOCHISE ANDERSON. 

BIO: Dr. Chris Mato Nunpa is a Wahpetunwan (“Dwellers In The Leaves,” or Wahpeton) Dakota from the Pezihuta Zizi Otunwe, “Yellow Medicine Community” (BIA name, Upper Sioux Community), in southwestern Minnesota. Dr. Mato Nunpa is now retired, having served as an Associate Professor of Indigenous Nations & Dakota Studies at Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, Minnesota, for his last sixteen (16) years of his professional career, from August 1992 through May 2008. Dr. Mato Nunpa’s special research interest is Genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S. in general, and Genocide of the Dakota People of Minnesota, specifically. Dr. Mato Nunpa is currently working on a book titled A Sweet-Smelling Savour: Genocide, the Bible, and the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S.