FRI.APRIL 26 on CATALYST: LABOR JOURNALIST, JACK RASMUS on " War At Home: The Corporate Offensive From Reagan to GW Bush"

It's almost time for MAY DAY (May 1st---though sometimes celebrated on other early days in May, depending on day of the week May 1st falls) is the internationaol workers day THAT WAS STARTED IN THE U.S> out of the struggle for the 8-hour-workday that started in in the late 1890s. (I;m still gathering info on Twin Cities MAY DAY events---so check back for an announcement of those on this page over the next couple of days)."WAR AT HOME: The Corporate Offensive from Reagan to GW Bush". Not just opinion, Rasmus hs done his research about the actual policies corporations ahve pushed---and gotten--from BOTH Republicans and Democrats since the late 1970s to today, that have undercut American workers, spread unemployment or low-wage/temp jobs and creating a huge upsurge in poverty--whether people have jobs or not. Unless we know how we got here, there's no way to figure out how to fight back and change our econmic situation.